permanent staffing

Brainhunter`team of highly trained and experienced recruiters is adept at sourcing, screening and selecting the best fit candidates for every job. Moreover, our recruiters go beyond the assessment of technical skills to ensure that every candidate seamlessly fits into your organization’s culture.

Brainhunter`s philosophy is that retention starts with sourcing and selecting the best fit candidates for every job. Companies and candidates alike must share common goals, objectives and values. While the technical skills are critical to get the immediate job at hand done, the softer skills are equally important for long term career growth, development and contribution to the organization.

Brainhunter`s recruiters follow a structured recruitment process designed around industry best practices. The recruiters go beyond the job boards and use several techniques to source passive job seekers that are most suitable for the job. The recruiters use extensive referral networks, social networking portals and proprietary databases among many other sources to find the best fit candidates.

Brainhunter operates across all industry verticals including Banking & Financial Services (BFSI), Insurance, Telecom, Consulting, Retail, Transportation, Health Care & pharmaceutical, Consulting Services and Systems Integrators, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas and all levels of government.

Brainhunter`s team has developed extensive industry relationships based on trust. Brainhunter`s team is committed to representing its clients with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity and building your brand as one of the best companies to work for.